guardian angels by Sophie J.K. Scott

if this is what is happening now, then 

i want to be awake for it. 


You. & your cherub’s face. the way your 

           voice darts around words. the coy



Me. & my sinking ship. the way i move,   

          like a hiccupping pick-up truck. its 

          haphazard melody.


                                              we can sit & watch over the city, if you 

                                          promise to hold water in the palm of your 



                                           She. & her humming machinery. the 

                                                      way she ticks, brazen in lunar-

                                                      light. the rattle of traffic. 


                                           Us.   & our legs, stretched taut on the

                                                      grass. loose limbs, twinned on

                                                      a spring balcony. the soil sighs. 


(& crickets chime into our heartbeat.)


Sophie J.K. Scott is a poet and undergraduate history student from the UK, currently studying at Cardiff University. Her work has previously been published in The Wellington Street Review. 
Her twitter is @iuckycharmer and instagram is @sophiejkscott.

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