Imani Campbell is the EIC and founder of Royal Rose Magazine. author photo

They are a queer non-binary (she/they) poet that have a love of helping people. In May of 2018, Imani released her first full-length poetry collection, “Feel. Forgive. Forget.” that you can find here. Their work has been included in Rhythm & Bones YANYR anthology and they are a regular contributor for Rose Quartz Magazine. When she isn’t writing or editing, you can find them binge-watching Impractical Jokers! You can find them here on twitter, instagram, and tumblr.




10603194_10154526973105507_2914592179252296501_n Annabel Mahoney is the Creative Director of Royal Rose Magazine.

She is the chief editor of Wellington Street Review, a writer and essayist based in the UK.

She has won numerous prizes from bodies such as the Human Rights Watch, The Literary Association and Forward Poetry.

Her debut collection Wyf-King is scheduled for release in Winter 2018/19 by Lapwing Publications. She is currently collating material for her second book, which focuses on the relationship between Shakespeare and medievalism in the First World War.