Dark Poetry Day by Richaundra Thursday

It is World Dark Poetry Day.

It is also the day Matthew Shepard

Was robbed of everything he had

But a story,

Beaten like a used metaphor,

A not-yet-dead horse,

And left tied to a fence

Like a witch, like a sacrifice

To a blind corn god of hate.

I want to write about ravens

But his college scarecrow body

Keeps them at bay.

I conjure castles of stone and secrets,

But they bleed into asylums

Where men and boys

Repeat lies like hail marys:

The chemicals, the scissors

The metal bars, anything better

Than what they are.

I wish the monsters

Always turned out to be gorillas

Or inchoate wraiths, metaphorical wolves

But instead, it’s always just men,

Banal in their maintenance of status quo

Not so easily banished

Yet so much easier to ignore.

All I can think to write is:

Void, abyss, loss, eternal dark

Despair, torture, escape, madness.


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