2 Poems by Audrey Bowers

Ode to the Straight Girl


i think about her sometimes
the straight girl ™
who wouldn’t think

about being with a woman
unless if it were a joke
to receive male attention
or avoid unwanted male attention

my mind keeps going back to her
she’s a beam of light
her laugh has the capability
of filling an entire room

her dimples are engraved
in my subconscious — forever
i had a dream about kissing her once; it felt real
& better than kissing that boy i dated in high school

she disappeared from my life as fast as she waltzed into it
she wouldn’t know this poem was written for her
i’d say i miss her, but how do you miss someone
you never really knew in the first place?

i guess you could say the same thing about
the heterosexual girl i once claimed to be
i don’t know her anymore, but i still remember



Queer Realization

what are you looking for? / this girl on tinder asks me / say i don’t know / something between a hookup / and a committed relationship / something real but lowkey / that’s not the truth / i know / what I want / a girl / to fall in love with / like the sun sets / in daylight savings time / to snuggle with / under fleece blankets / kiss her lips / under the moonlight in the cool air / stumble home drunk with / in the middle of the night / after a bar crawl / hold hands with / in broad daylight sweaty-palmed / write good (not cheesy) poems for / travel around the world with / get so caught up in / that nothing else matters / (if only for a moment) / but instead / i slow myself down / let’s hang out maybe? / i message her / hopeful, yet guarded /





Audrey Bowers is a senior creative writing major at Ball State. She is a passionate storyteller, artist, teacher, social media manager, and editor in chief of Brave Voices Magazine. She loves corgis, children, and succulents. Her poetry has been published in SoapBox Zine and she has work forthcoming in Pussy Magic and Honey & Lime Lit. You can find her tweets @coffeeforaudrey on Twitter and pictures of all of her books @audreyonthedaily on Instagram.

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