Labels by Shannon O’Connor

Love is a scary word

so we hide behind

no labels,

staying committed,

acting like a couple,

but never daring to say

we are anything more

than two friends,

who get along

and kiss

and know each other’s body better

than any past lover.

But we don’t dare

say those three words,

we don’t utter them aloud

because the moment we do;

everything crumbles

and we go back

to being nothing

more than friends

who aren’t really friends at all.

Shannon is a young poet with three collections of self published poetry books. She has written ‘For Always’, ‘Holding on to Nothing’, and ‘Say It Everyday’ all published in 2018. She enjoys reading, writing, and traveling. She is currently taking time off from school to travel through Europe and Australia hoping to find inspiration and new experiences.

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