Richaundra Thursday

Richaundra is one of our regular contributors. They are nonbinary (cassgender) aromantic asexual living in South King County, Washington. They teach 8th grade Social Studies and English/Language Arts during the day and spend my free time reading everything I can, cooking, playing video games and spending arguably too much time on Twitter. I have been published in Blossomry, Silverblade, Eye to the Telescope, Star*Line, The First Line, The Poet’s Haven, Vulture Bones, and Luna Station Quarterly. While I have most often published speculative poetry, I also write short stories, flash fiction and found poetry.  I find myself returning again and again to topics of queerness, the perception and treatment of women in society, struggling to recognize privilege and use it for good, dealing with mental illness (specifically Depression/Anxiety and Manic-Depressive Disorder) and popular culture. When I was growing up, I considered myself a person of color because my maternal Grandmother is Hawaiian Chinese and I was the darkest person in my neighborhood. Then I moved off my mountain and discovered that nope, I am very definitely White(tm) or at least White passing, and so have often wrestled with the dissonance of my personal identity/perception and not wanting to trivialize or get in the way of voices that are often silenced because of white supremacist systems in our culture. All of this is to say that I often explore through art my own philosophical (and sometimes literal) issues of being White, ‘straight,’ cisgender passing but identifying as none of those things, which often is expressed through motifs of science fiction and fantasy.
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