What kind of work can I send in? 

Any! We want to hear about your love life, work life, children, or even that random piece about the sky. That unedited poem that you wrote in the heat of the moment? We want it. If you feel like it doesn’t belong anywhere, send it to us, we’ll find a place!

When will we hear back from you?

Within two weeks. You will receive feedback rather your work was accepted or rejected.

How often are regular contributors expected to send in work?

We ask that you send your work in by Sunday night of every week. We know writer’s block is a thing, so if you miss a week or two, it’s no big deal. Just let us know ahead of time!

When is the magazine launching?

February 1st of 2019.

My work doesn’t fit the theme of your first issue, can I still submit?

Absolutely! We encourage it. Like we mentioned earlier, we want any work about anything.

Is there a deadline on general submissions?

Nope! Submissions are always open unless stated otherwise.

What type of bloggers are you looking for?

Fashion, life advice, and health mainly.

Who can submit?

While we do accept work from everyone, womxn and members of the LGBT+ community gets high priority.


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