Ballad of the fallen lovers by Brianne Grothe

Enter garden fever, man & woman & the snake bite
enter your veins, like taylor and eve alike she lost
her reputation in a paradise lost, lady got lost in
her lovegame, all she wanted was His Stupid Love

Him: Dim my eyes to a God i’ve never smelled before,
why don’t you come a bit closer? suddenly we’re naked
& alone & sexy & we know it, why don’t you come a
bit closer?

Her: Enter a hunger i’ve never tasted before, the fruits
of our labor are nothing compared to this sparkling sin,
sparkling apple with the red core, nothing old applies
here, everything new applies here, take me in your mouth
& eat me like a vampire does, tell me of my scent

tell me tell me tell me my name, all good & evil &
wicked & lovely, never something He gave us,
i ask-tell you, lover, to name me, & I will tell you
tell you that You are Good

Both: The Beast smacks voodoo into my veins, your love
is my new drug, enter the Never-Neverland, who knew
it would mean the new Always?


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