Oversized by Cara Bovaird

Remember that navy sweatshirt,
Embroidered “Brooklyn” in bold,
Mustard font?

My hands were never cold in it.
The sleeves dangled well beyond
My fingertips, holes chewed in them

And your huge raincoat,
With the fur hood?
It kept me almost as
Warm as your arms did.

But my mother always said
Oversized clothes drowned me,
And you did, too.

Cara Bovaird is an English Literature Masters student from Donegal, Ireland, currently studying at Ulster University, Coleraine. She enjoys spending time by the sea, and both reading and writing poetry. She is also known as the resident Sylvia Plath fanatic to her university classmates. Cara has previously been published in Fevers of the Mind Poetry Digest (issue 3), and Sage Cigarettes online literary magazine. 
Twitter: @JanuarySun12 (poetry account) @Cara_Bovaird (personal account).

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