Margo’s Sonnet by Kenna

Smiling behind the stand in the bookshop,
She looks just as beautiful as always.
Lovely and delicate like a snowdrop,
I cannot help but to long for her gaze.

Like a dahlia, she vibrantly shines,
Much softer and sweeter than lavender,
And stronger than the sharp thorns on the vines.
But I know that I could never tell her.

So, I peruse the novels and the rhymes,
Quietly wishing that she’ll look my way.
Until the twinkle of the front door’s chimes
Welcomes a handsome man with a bouquet.

He strides inside and then kisses her cheek.
I look back at my book, quiet and meek.

Kenna is an aspiring poet. She is currently attending Patapsco High School and Center for the Arts as a Literary Arts major and plans to continue studying literature in the future.
Instagram: @poetry.primrose

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