WOMEN URGED by Danielle Moles

Women urged to carry keys in hand
Women urged to sit not stand
Women told they can’t, not can
Women now, dangle, hanged

Women urged to check their locks
Women urged to use secret knocks
Women advised against short skirts and high socks
Women now, sink; full on rocks

Women urged to stay in at night
Women urged to keep on their light
Women told, that this is right
Women now, fly to heaven, high as a kite.

Women urged not to drink
Women urged not to overthink
Women told not to flirt or wink
Women threatened and brought to the brink

Women urged to smile
Women urged not to be vile
Women should stay quiet for a while
Women raped, and put on trial

Danielle Moles is a student at the University of Lincoln. In her spare time she writes and makes art. She is currently experimenting with a range of different forms, and hopes to one day turn her love of creativity into a living.
Twitter: @2themolehole 

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