cloudwoman by Celeste Ramos

my house is quiet
dark and cold
because – for now –
you do not love me.

there was a time
you told me this would be
a gamble.
my answer was my timeless

and now that my cloud
to your sun
has bloomed in our sky
it is dark, and it is cold,
and you do not love me.

i don’t like this life. i
don’t like tangling
into the thing you love and
the thing that will hurt you
because if i don’t, someone else
is bound to…

as is the law of this plane.

i cannot enjoy you nor you me
because eventually
the axis of our natures will tilt us
to strike. will darken our season
into flood, into drought, and –
for now –
i will accept you don’t love me.

my cloud will one day pass.
you’ll see.

Celeste is a writer of fiction and poetry from New York City based in London. Her work has appeared in Shooter Literary Magazine, Barren Magazine, Juste Milieu and Narratively. 

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