Haunted Mind Review by Rickey Rivers Jr.

Haunted Mind by Vanessa Maki is a personal dive into the mind of a poet.

My time with Haunted Mind was accompanied by harsh rainfall. It fits the tone of this cutting collection. Within you will find poems of pain, of identity, of understanding.

Don’t bother bringing any cleansing tools.

An apt way to approach the poems, in a sense it’s digestion. Hardships can be mixed with a sense of dark humor here and there, or perhaps a sense of melancholy?

Carry the written with you, as she carries the ghosts.

The poet Vanessa Maki mushes together a stew of bleak truth.

Do I recommend Haunted Mind? Yes.

It’s a quick read, a re-readable read; a peak into a haunted house. This haunted house happens to be a poet.

Haunted Mind is available for purchase now: https://payhip.com/b/DEis


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