By Association by Carla Durbach

1. ‘Have Courage’ Someone said, and even the
words had knuckles. Courage is such a simple
word to pull apart, thread by thread without
missing the in-between.

2. Cour.age, noun: Strength of Mind to carry on in spite of danger,
from the root word Cor which is Latin for heart,
if Mind = Heart
then Cour. age: Strength of Heart to carry on in spite of danger
~spiteful of danger?
3. Courage sounds like Carnage on the page,
a hint of violence somewhere,
in a lab where a dissected human heart
waits as wannabe surgeons gather the rage
to pick up the blade and slice again

4. Coeur. rage
Coeur is French for heart as in
heart. rage (diastolic or systolic),
red and inflamed like feasting eyes at the
red district where women are consumed,
part by part or perhaps at the Moulin Rouge
where this happens in sophisticated famine
and oh, so taste-full-y
⸫ Courage = rage of heart, in Latin and in

5. heart. rage is dangerous [carnage]
but mind = heart ⸫
mind. rage is dangerous
thoughts are dangerous
memories are thoughts
that are dangerous
you can die from memory

6. In conclusion
Courage is having [strength of] heart to carry on in spite of memory
Courage is having a heart in spite of memory
Courage is having a heart despite
Courage is having a heart…


Carla’s work has appeared in Heart of Flesh, Lost Pen and Little Rose lit mags. Her poetry is also upcoming in Bonnie’s Crew.


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