As I Think of You by Blue Carrisole

We were storms of fanned flames once
You were red,
And I’m still blue
Burning out as embers
Hoping to create something new.

We were sublime souls
Living on a selfless streak
A line of life that has left me bleak
Our smiles and laughs once echoed each other
But alike everyone else you’re now an everyday stranger

We were broken puzzle pieces meant to make a whole
Until time said we wouldn’t fit
All our affections now lie somewhat lie dead in a pit
And I pray they rest in peace
But if feigning memories and their intensities
Are all I have to hold
Then remember me…
As I think of you


Blue Carrisole is an emerging writer and poet. She writes short stories, poetry and flash fiction. She loves reading Stephen King short stories and historical fiction books written by her peers on sites like wattpad. Born and raised in Mombasa, Kenya her years of writing have been driven by her love of diction, hunger for improvement and wish to connect with potential readers. Currently, she writes on websites like medium, booksie, inkitt and wattpad and social media handles like Instagram and tumblr.She is working on completing her anthologies and collection of short stories.

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