Call Me By Your Name Review by Haneen Al Modaweb

Raw. Intense. Honest. 

The romance that had sparked between the two lovers was not one any reader would’ve seen coming, not up to the extent of the romance that ran freely amongst the two individuals. Not a second whilst reading the novel did it feel unnatural, but rather quite real, too real that one might not be willing to admit the reality that had been painted quite clearly for the characters to undergo and the readers to analyze and ponder upon. A love story that is unmatched due to its high quality of employed literary devices such as imagery that appears to the senses as it awakens the lovers to the climax of their emotions that has piled up beyond its maximum height, rendering them into a fight of their own personal wits — their minds torn apart from their association with their hearts as they face several internal conflicts that are beyond the feelings they question the authenticity of. 

The courage mustered up by both parties sparked a sense of hope within me as I read the distinguished parts of the novel. Perhaps human nature will progress and grow to accept the inevitable change that time drags along as it passes by the proceeding eras of time and age. The novel had touched me in ways I had not known would be plausible, let alone possible, opening my eyes and mind in a sector I had never quite read of and thus failed to grasp entirely regardless of knowledge — scarce may it be — I had obtained throughout the course of my life. 

To me, the factors aforementioned as well as innumerable others I would put to shame had I attempted and failed to put words to, all work hand in hand in presenting a five star novel. Exquisite, incredible in every aspect and through the flaws and imperfections of the actions we take rashly and soon come to question, to reflect and learn of these shortcomings. 

An unfiltered tale of two lovers that, though together, are worlds apart. The brief romance carried through a beautiful love story of youth and loss, questions such as “is Elio the first man with him Oliver had an intimate relationship?” And “has elio, prior to and after Oliver, ever been able to acknowledge his attraction to other men?” arising within my mind as I flipped through the pages of the book, nimble as to preserve the intricate and immaculate descriptive language. The awakening of desire for new experiences is evident throughout the underlying themes of the novel, my mind a mess of emotions that had been solicited by means of reflecting upon each word I read. 

This novel has it all, from the dynamic and complex characters of various backgrounds that build up their unique personas. Aciman was not fearful nor did he slow down and alter the plot line by holding back his ideas to please a certain demographic. It was due to this bluntness and truthfulness that I fell in love with his work. Literature is a work of art, Aciman proves that much and more through his novel “Call me by your name.”

Haneen Al Modaweb is a seventeen-year-old aspiring journalist from Bahrain where she grew torn between her parent’s nationalities, often feeling the crumbling pressure exerted by the void she resides in. Born into a family heavily driven by STEM majors, she had always struggled to voice out her stance regarding the written word, pursuing writing as a career from the comfort of her own isolated cottage by the meadows had always been her aspiration. Her works address topics of growing up as an underrepresented youth in literature, the media’s misconception of Muslims, self-love, and concepts that baffle her.
instagram: @neenauh

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