Fading by Lyn Patterson

Jealous hour hands
steal smiles
off lips
yearning for a kiss.

Stale air smells of
floral stench
from neck to hips.

Fading beauty pressed
for infinity
finds comfort
in the arms of a lover.

Too young to hold her
waiting by his side
time slips by.


Lyn is a deeply invigorated poet who delves into the themes of identity, equity, overcoming trauma, accepting your wild and learning to listen to your intuition. She is a 31-year-old poet, dancer, and educator originally from Seattle, Washington. She currently travels full time which has allowed her to observe many great cities and watch the small phenomena of American life which can be similar but more importantly nuanced in their differences. Lyn is specifically inspired to write about those who are marginalized in our society, as a means of empowering future generations with their stories.

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