Dear Universe by Sydnee Williams

You dropped me off in a hurry,
shaken with no guide.

Difficulties thrust to my side,
like piles of sand on a bad gold-panning mission,
but I am still,
fazed by your actions that day.

When you showed me the mountains and burning fire all in one picture.

How can I trust you when the fruits of the tree you planted, poisoned my soul as your first act?

As the first woman,
I created the trail of sin for eternity.

But how can I hate you when your grace is like the kiss of a ladybug on a miserable day? Like the sweet smell of approaching rain when my skin is scorched.

Your beauty reaches from the ocean floor to the hilltop unknown.

When my spirit can be the light to life; my vibrations you made beautiful and radiant. My energy so dainty yet ferocious.

My creation with ultimatums.
The beginning and end, true revelation.

THE Receiver.


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