KLONOPIN KING by Valium Hippy

i’m king of klonopin
shower water gets warmer
heart gets cozy, and as they say
love is in the air
but it’s such a heavy crown
to carry in my confused head

i’m king of the blues
i feel hazy, but i’m always numb
when i’m with you my touch gets
so acute, keen, lovely

i’m king of the holidays
when i stay home and drink your substances
i don’t need nobody else
i see my destiny in your colors

i’m king of nothingness
it has always been like this
i’m an empty mess, a fallen ceiling
my soul is destroyed by you
but you saved me from madness in the process

when i have a lot of you
it’s my kingdom come
you’re my God, my faith, my belief
the only one i’d give my secrets
the only one i gave the key
that opens my brain
and makes it calm
like the dark night sky
in a particular new moon

and why not say
like me when i feel like
klonopin king
doped out
high on you


Valium Hippy (birth name Rogério Berardo Filho) is a writer and poet born and living in Recife, in northeastern Brazil. He is currently 20 years old and writes to cope with mental health complications.
Instagram: @valiumhippy and @valiumhippyway (poetry)
Twitter: @valiumhippy

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