Violets by Anushka Bidani

violets taste like blood & if I thrust one
down my throat it would melt into my skin
without a word so whenever I tell you that I love you, look
for the throbbing vein in my wrist my shaking hands my
pounding heart the taste of every molecule between us
like silver & honey look
for how my skin comes alive under your touch,
a museum coloured more with stories than ancient dust;
all beautiful shades of purple & the clouds’ blues/
& so whenever I sit you down and tell you
that I don’t think you love me anymore, look me in the eye
& tell me you can’t see violets wilting under my skin violets
missing the sun all the colourless bones cold
flesh cold fingertips with purple stains that just don’t wash away
a heart that doesn’t drum to the thunder but to the silence
after it has rained, look for how faces
seem lost in pandemonium foggy windows being wiped
from the wrong end look
for how your love leaves you blind
& your lover dead


Anushka Bidani is an 18 years old high school student from India. She has been a Blog Contributor at Sugar Rascals Magazine. Anushka adores the rain, blue skies, open mic events, the human anatomy, and art in all its distinct magnificent shapes. You can read more of her at
Social media handles: @anushkabidani (Instagram), @anushkabidani_ (Twitter) 

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