Medieval Pizza by Amanda Butler

I’m not sure what jumpstarted my memories
but thinking back on childhood recipes
brought back a cuisine
I hadn’t tasted in years –
Medieval Pizza –
I remember it as aged cheese
draped over a fresh baguette –
but with my now-mind
the memory solidified –
a slice of processed cheese
over half a bagel,
microwaved for thirty seconds.
Nostalgia divorced perspective –
the realization of growing up poor –
but only a mother’s love
could turn bread and cheese
into a table worthy of
castles and knights and dragons.


Amanda N. Butler is the author of chapbooks “Tableau Vivant” (Dancing Girl Press, 2015) and “effercrescent” (Dancing Girl Press, 2017) as well as “How a Fairy Gets Her Wings” (Origami Poetry Press, 2018). Her poems have been published in Haikuniverse, Hedgerow, Leaves of Ink, with others forthcoming. She is the Poet Laureate of Oldsmar, FL and can be found on Twitter @arsamandica.

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