Can’t You Take a Compliment by Richaunda Thursday

When an unwanted suitor
Failed to take the hints
She was socially required
To veil in soft flattery
(A necessity the centuries
Have not softened), Lucy
Plucked out the eyes
He had so oftened showered
With unsolicited praise, he
Could not recognize her
Tears of frustration through
The sheen of his mastur-
Batory praise; she finally
Declared if he liked them so
Much, he could have them,
Because she had shit to do
Like take food to the forgotten,
The sainted shadows, driven
Underground by ignorance
And hatred and she did
Not have time to waste on
Justifications he was not
Entitled to anyway, and if
That isn’t the biggest mood,
Because I would rather
Give you my sight and silence
Than take your shitty threat
Masquerading as a gift.


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