Two Pieces by Tiffany Moton


sweet agave whispers and rose petal skin
with the softest silk she spins spiderwebs
so smooth, stunning strands of tingly
lust weaving their way around you,
lifting you, drifting you straight to her bed
seduced again into her toxic heaven
wrapped in her sheets sinking
like quicksand but she’s got you
between her legs, licks your neck
and lures you back again, mesmerized
by her fatally inviting eyes, spellbound
now you surrender helplessly to her
satisfied sighs of victory in your ear
her wicked charm muddling your mind,
divine, a kiss of bloodthirsty bliss
soaking up what’s left of your will now
until you cease to resist, let go of your fear
rest in her nest, whisper in her ear

bless me, black widow
I think i’ll die here


to love desperately
is to love with your mouth shut
and present your dignity on their doorstep
like a dead rat
to tear up your white flag and crawl back
weak, tail between your rug-burned knees
nails clipped and hands tied
to love desperately
is to love laying down, to fear the tidal waves of mercurial fury
and accept apologies apologize accept fault and beg your way
into their good graces, lest they leave you loveless so you learn
to love desperately
bury the memory, the voice in your head that sounds just like them
screaming what they really think of you
while you frantically search for any sign of kindness in their eyes,
to love desperately
is to love despite not finding any
to love in spite of yourself because they look the most beautiful
when they absolutely hate you, over your dead body
will you let them abandon you, no not again not this one
who loves you so good, if only tentatively
but you’ll take it and you’ll treasure it helplessly
to love, desperately

Tiffany-Amber Moton is a 23 year old New Yorker with a penchant for writing love poetry on bar napkins and oversharing to strangers. After studying politics and writing at Pace University, she self-published her first book, A Lonely Trip Down the Rabbit Hole in late November. Tiffany hopes to continue writing poetry about difficult topics and sharing it with others for the rest of her life and has plans to continue publishing until she finally runs out of things to say. (Never.)

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