Two Pieces by Nyla Sampson

Love Reflection #2

You know that thing when you go to the beach,
And you get in the water,
And you lie on your back,
And your ears are slightly submerged-
So the sounds of what’s happening on land is muffled
By the sounds of the sea,
And you just let the waves rock you,
Back and forth,
And you feel really small,
But also really big,
And the whole thing is just peaceful?

All your muscles relax.
You’re weightless.
You become acutely aware of your forgotten parts.
The small of your back.
The nape of your neck.
The arches of your feet.
The parts of you that are usually achy and stiff find relief.
Your skin and the sun dance a tango on the glistening surface.

Complete chaos could be going on.
The sky could fall.
The world could be ending right this very moment.
But there you are, floating.
You know that feeling?

That’s what it feels like.

Loving you.


We tired.
We been tired.

Knuckles raw and jaw clenched.
The deafening sound of our silence.

-Blk Womynhood


Nyla Sampson is a Black, Queer theatre artist, poet, singer, and community organizer working through an intersectional womynist lens. Her passions are the page, the stage, and the People. You can follow her on Twitter and Instagram @NylaTheMusical.

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