String Theory by Bridget Dixon

In the fall of 2017 I missed the opportunity to hear Dr. Michio Kaku explain the String Theory in person and no—
I’m not a physicist or even a science major which leads me knowing little to nothing about that matter in the universe or a lot about matter in general besides what matters to me
In a not so direct manner I rationalize to my friends how you and I were a component of the String Theory
The multiverses are the possible alternatives our relationship takes on existing in other dimensions
In a video I educate myself with he compares time traveling to Alice in Wonderland’s Through the Looking Glass, the glass being the wormhole, the known catalyst for time traveling
I want to time travel like Alice because she always orbits back
I tell them I will cheat time by plucking the clocks off the walls and move the hands backwards just to see you
Then I tell them I’d smash them all to bits so time would stop
The String Theory makes sense of you and I and time
Since I did not get to hear this explained in person, by default of my generation I become well acquainted with YouTube and Wikipedia
Wiki says, “String Theory is a set of attempts to model the four known fundamental interactions- gravitation, electromagnetism, strong nuclear force, and weak nuclear force, together.”
You and I gravitate towards another involuntarily, we charge up by pushing and pulling regularly
Do you feel it?
Wiki says, “The strong nuclear force holds the most ordinary matter together.”
But I don’t believe it, for we are not ordinary at all
Wiki says, “The weak force causes beta decay, a form of radioactivity.”
That’s more believable
The theory expresses an uncertainty of life or death after passing through a wormhole

How do we take the chance to be on the other side when our strings have been cut?

Bridget Kathleen is a senior at Southeast Missouri State University pursuing a bachelor’s degree in English: Creative Writing, while double-minoring in Small Press Publishing and French— C’est la vie! She has publications in her school’s magazine called Journey, eclipse chapbook of 2017 titled The Path of Totality, and featured in Philosopher’s Stone Poetry Co.’s 2017 edition, The Third Eye: Poetry & Prose. She’s a veg-head, Star Wars geek and a wine connoisseur (so she likes to think).

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