I am Jealous of the Night by Hilda Coleman

The night swallows your sorrows, like water
it filters thoughts you try to throw away
Even in mid-day, when it gets hotter
it covers you in sheets of stars that stay

The silky moonlight caters to your skin
in ways I cannot fathom, nor compare
I am jealous of how night holds your grin
as I contemplate how life is not fair

The sky gets to keep you more than I do
The dark universe soaks up your headaches
now that our time zones differ from curfew
the same way I used to heal your heartaches

Though distance pulls strings of my harp, apart
It evens out the mess, and makes it art.


a 20-year old, activist, poet, and writer for Thought Catalog & Harness Magazine. When she is not in school, she dives into psychology or philosophy books. Her inspiration comes from legends like Walt Whitman, Emily Dickinson, and Charles Bukowski. She lives on the edge of beauty and in between the chaos of things she writes about being vulnerable as a sign of strength. She believes this is the truth about writers: “we are the brave ones, the ones who take risks in love, and the ones who turn the failed attempts into rich poetry.”

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