Holding My Breath Underwater by Margo Gabriel

You know that feeling you get when you are waiting for something monumental to happen in your life?
The anxious energy that builds in your stomach as your heart races and your thoughts rush with wild imagination?

When you finally realize this one moment can alter and shape your personality and outlook on life, eternally

That’s what falling for someone is like.
Certain inconsequential things that create peaks on a graph, and, you relive each encounter as if it were a pointed needle scaling each
plateau, dipping valley, climbing height on this act of vulnerability.

Somehow, the risk behind everything
moves you to act without being afraid of their one day being an end.


Margo Gabriel is a Freelance Writer, Photographer, event host, foodie, music lover, churro aficionado and all around life enthusiast that loves to capture simple moments in her travels. Margo sells her photography prints online and via her Instagram page. Margo lives in Boston, MA and graduated from UMass Boston in 2009 with a B.A. in English and Professional Writing. When Margo is not writing, she enjoys cooking, traveling, live music, and hosting exciting events that bring communities together

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