Milk and Honey by Courtenay Gray

Separated by milk and honey.
Joss sticks informing me of your presence.
You travel by smoke.
Your hand comes out of my bathroom mirror-
Slapping me for disrespecting you.
I feed you sugar to sweeten you.
You’re the dying bee and I’m the saviour with the silver spoon.
Your compliments aromatic,
Your insults are peppery.
Each tear is a chilli flake.
Gagging me with your sickness,
With your soupy disease.
I’ll escape your wrath.
I’ll go to a place filled with milky snow.
A place full of dulcet deer.
A Hansel and Gretel cottage,
To be my home-
Minus the witch.
I’m escaping the wrath,
Not following your path.


Courtenay S Gray is a twenty one year old poet from the North of England. She adores to write and she also adores to read. Literature is one of, if not her biggest passion. It is the only thing she has ever been sure of. Her main poetic influence is Sylvia Plath. She loves the dark and the twisted. She has self published two poetry books.




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