Dream Dissonance by Juliette Sebock

I had a dream that he finally apologised
In a way that went beyond “I’m sorry,”
And, by that,
I mean, he asked to marry me. . .
Well, dream me.

Dream me, even dream me, knew that this was bad,
Sirens going off in her mind
Like on the old firehouse I’d hear in the darkness as a kid.

But dream me, even dream me,
Considered it,
Considered him,
And wondered if a little bit better might make up for
A whole life of bad.

The thing is, dream me,
Even dream me,
Didn’t know what to do,
What to want,
How to disappoint.

I woke up, so
Not even dream me would learn
What would happen if I had said no.

Juliette Sebock is a poet and writer born in small-town Pennsylvania.. After several years of journalism and work with sources like Her Campus Media and The Mighty, she turned her focus to poetry, publishing the chapbook Mistakes Were Made in 2017. Currently, Juliette is working on Nightingale & Sparrow Magazine, lifestyle blog For the Sake of Good Taste, and a variety of poetry and prose pieces. When she isn’t writing (and sometimes when she is), she can be found with a cup of coffee and her cat, Fitz.

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