Sirenology by Richaundra Thursday

Because of translation errors,

Sirens could have scales or wings.

They were always my favorite:

I wouldn’t have to choose.

Almost as if language knew

We were never only one way.

Almost like it saw the need

For the ands and neithers

And in-betweens;

Not as outcasts,

But a whole schoolflock

Belonging to both

Sea and sky.

Richaundra is a nonbinary (cassgender, so they/she pronouns are fine) aromantic asexual living in South King County, Washington. They teach 8th grade Social Studies and English/Language Arts during the day and spend their free time reading everything they can, cooking, playing video games and spending arguably too much time on Twitter. They have been published in Blossomry, Silverblade, Eye to the Telescope, Star*Line, The First Line, The Poet’s Haven, Vulture Bones, and Luna Station Quarterly. While they have most often published speculative poetry, they also write short stories, flash fiction and found poetry. They find themselves returning again and again to topics of queerness, the perception and treatment of women in society, struggling to recognize privilege and use it for good, dealing with mental illness (specifically Depression/Anxiety and Manic-Depressive Disorder) and popular culture.

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