Hold by Megan Russo

I keep your memories in a box on my nightstand, the top closed tightly to make sure they stay safe inside. As a child I had watched you build it, carefully measuring and constructing. Until one day it was just there, a wooden chest that fit in your hand, both of mine at that age.

It was a thing of wonder.

You told me I would build my own one day, but that time was far in the distance. I watched you fill it through the years, bits and pieces of you tucked away. Saving them, passing them down to me before your death. Ensuring I still had you, and was never alone.

I open it every night, letting your memories dance through my own. Always a joyful reunion, finding each other in the shared landscape of my dreams.

Megan Russo is an amateur writer and dungeon master. She attended the University of Cincinnati receiving degrees in Studio Arts and Creative Writing. Megan currently lives in Austin, TX with her husband and two pugs.

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